Mandela gets google doodle

By Drum Digital
18 July 2014

Mandela becomes the second South African to get a doodle after late musician Miriam Makeba

To celebrate Mandela Day google gave late world icon Nelson Mandela a google doodle. The doodle that showed a cartoon Mandela in his signature shirt with flowers around him, helped solidify the fact that the world was celebrating Mandela Day. screen-shot-2014-07-18-at-10-47-19-am Katy Wu, who designed the doodle spoke about how she used the words he spoke as an inspiration in her design. ““Something that stood out to me about Nelson Mandela was his eloquent way with words,” Katy said in her blog. “I thought his words gave a great insight into the kind of man he was, so I wanted to focus the creative direction of the doodle on his quotes against a backdrop of the history of South Africa.” The 18th of July would have been Mandela’s 96th birthday and the doodle was Google’s way of honouring him. who got her own on March 4, 2013. miriam_makeba-728x375 In April this year, during the national elections South Africa also got its own doodle. By Molife Kumona

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