Mandela health timeline

By Drum Digital
06 December 2013

Below is a timeline on Mandela's health. He died in Johannesburg on Thursday, December 5.

1984: while in jail, a cyst on his liver is diagnosed.

1985: a part of his enlarged prostate gland is removed.

1988: he receives treatment for tuberculosis during his period in Pollsmoor Prison. It is at an early stage and causes minor damage to his lungs. He spends six weeks in Tygerberg Hospital and is transferred to Constantiaberg Clinic for the remainder of his treatment.

March 1990: shortly after his release from prison, he is diagnosed with high blood pressure. Doctors find thickening of the heart wall.

June 1990: part of his prostate gland is removed after a malignant tumour is identified.

1994: a cataract is removed from his eye. Hearing tests are done for minor hearing problems. He receives laser treatment to improve his sight.

1995: he undergoes a minor operation to dry up watery eyes.

March 1996: tests show thickening of his heart wall is nearly normal, his blood preassure has dropped, tests for TB are negative, and a smaller cyst found behind the bigger cyst found in 1984 is treated.

1996: a benign tumour is found and removed from his bladder.

2001: he is diagnosed with prostate cancer and treated with radiation.

January 2011: diagnosed and treated for an acute respiratory infection.

February 2012: admitted to hospital for a stomach ailment.

December 2012: admitted to a Pretoria hospital for treatment of a recurring lung infection and to have gallstones removed. He spends between December 8 and 26 in hospital.

March 2013: he is admitted to hospital for a scheduled medical check-up to manage existing conditions.

March 27: Madiba is re-admitted to an undisclosed hospital due to the recurrence of his lung infection and is treated for pneumonia. He spends nine days in hospital.

June 8, 2013: he is admitted to hospital due to a recurring lung infection. The presidency says he is in a "serious but stable" condition.

June 24, 2013: The presidency announced Mandela's condition was critical.

June 25, 2013: The presidency said he remained in a critical condition.

June 26, 2013: Fears for Mandela's live grew as President Jacob Zuma cancelled a visit to Maputo.

June 27, 2013: The presidency announced that Mandela's condition had stabilised overnight but said it remained critical.

December 5, 2013: President Jacob Zuma announces that Mandela had died.


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