Mandela still fighting to live: family

By Drum Digital
04 December 2013

Ailing former president Nelson Mandela, is putting up a courageous fight from his "deathbed" his family said.

SABC reports that Madiba’s daughter, Makaziwe Mandela, said that he is still alive.

"Tata is still with us, strong, courageous. Even for a lack of a better word on his 'deathbed' he is teaching us lessons; lessons in patience, in love, lessons of tolerance,” she said.

Makaziwe speaks warmly of her father’s fighting spirit.

“Every moment I get with him I’m amazed. There are times where I have to pinch myself that I come from this man who is a fighter even though you can see he is struggling, but fighting spirit is still there with him."

Madiba was admitted to the Pretoria Heart Clinic in June, where he was treated for a recurring lung infection before he released to receive home-based care nearly three months later.

He is attended to by a slew of specialist physicians

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