Mandela unites everyone: Naomi Campbell

By Drum Digital
11 December 2013

British supermodel Naomi Campbell has described Nelson Mandela as the only leader who could bring everyone together

, ITV News reported on Tuesday.

"It's been an amazing service and everyone has come together. Only Mr Mandela, Madiba, Tata, could bring everyone together like this," she was quoted saying.

On Tuesday, tens of thousands of South Africans attended the former statesman's memorial service.

US, British and French heads of government past and present attended, along with European royals, African leaders, including Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe, and a strong celebrity contingent led by local-born actress Charlize Theron.

Campbell told ITV News after Mandela's memorial that he was someone she would treasure in her heart for the rest of her life.

"I got to know him for 20 years and it's an honour and a blessing and I'm truly in awe and will always be eternally grateful. He means a lot to me and I have a lot of wonderful memories."

Madiba would have wanted people to celebrate his life and legacy, she said.

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