Maps Maponyane to spice things up on Rockville

By Drum Digital
23 January 2014

Rockville fans are in for a treat as Masego “Maps” Maponyane joins the hit show’s cast in its second season.

While this isn’t his first time acting, the rising talent admits this is his biggest role: “I’ve had parts in short films before which were privately used. I also do lots of acting in commercials but to be working with such a formidable cast – people who have been in the industry for 50 years – it’s incredible.”

“This is my year to show people that there are many facets to me,” he says.

Having entered the entertainment industry as a presenter to establishing a career as a model and later launching his own clothing line, Maps is no stranger to reinvention.

On screen, don’t expect him to be the clean-cut, stylish man who was declared 2013’s sexiest man at just 22. “He [his character] has a bit of a dodgy fashion sense, he wears things I would totally not wear and does things like ho sa kame (not combing his hair) which is so opposite to what I’d do,” he laughs.

There’s more to Maps’ new-found alter-ego than a “lax, scruffy” appearance and the actor admits his role was tricky to play at times. “He’s an awkward, naïve kid from a small town but he’s not straightforward. You learn there’s more to him as time goes on.” Misguided and driven by a taste for a flashy lifestyle he hasn’t’ quite come to understand, the new addition to Rockville promises to be interesting.

While he says he has “slight nerves” about the reception from audiences, he assures us his character will be “a charming young man who ladies are supposed to love.”

While on the topic of ladies and love, DRUM couldn’t resist asking the star about his experiences with female admirers. “I’ve had a mother ask me how much it would cost to be her daughter’s matric dance date and random people tell me I don’t know it yet, but we’re going to get married and have babies. It can get very weird.”

Ever the gentleman, Maps knows to hand a glass of water to a fan who starts hyperventilating at the sight of him. He also tries to respond to as many messages from fans as he can, but has had to accept that he can’t reach everyone: “There just isn’t enough time, really”.

When he isn’t hard at work he enjoys swimming and running to unwind. “I also enjoy reading and, actually, focusing on more work and writing,” he says. He also makes time for his friends, many of whom he’s shared great bonds with for years.

Maps in five minutes

1. Minnie or Boity?

(Laughter and loads of stalling) She’s a good friend, I will go with Boity

2. Orange juice or coffee?

Orange juice, I don’t drink coffee.

Chocolate cake or a cheese burger?

Cheese burger, I love cheese burgers.

The most exciting thing you’ve done in the past 3 months?

Bungee jumping at the Orlando Towers in Soweto.

A feisty woman or a sweet woman?

A: There has to be an in-between.  Too sweet can be a bit much, saying yes to everything, but with feisty – we know how feisty “feisty” can get. We don’t want stab-you-with-a-knife feisty either.

The second season of Rockville airs on Mzansi Magic, channel 161, on 2 February. 

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