Maqubela ignored religious values

By Drum Digital
24 March 2015

Convicted killer Thandi Maqubela cannot be described as a highly religious woman who values herself and others, the Western Cape High Court heard on Monday.

Prosecutor Bonnie Currie-Gamwo challenged the view of social worker Arina Smit that Maqubela being a Jehovah's Witness influenced how she lived her life.

Smit was called as a defence witness to testify in mitigation of sentence last week, presenting a report that recommended periodical imprisonment or a suspended sentence.

In November 2013 (CORRECT), the same court found Maqubela guilty of killing her husband Patrick in June 2009, despite not having conclusive medical evidence pinpointing a cause of death.

She was found guilty of forging her husband's will and committing fraud by causing potential prejudice to his estate.

Smit was asked how she could describe Maqubela as a devout, religious individual when the court had found she had been deceptive on many occasions.

She replied that Maqubela had cognitive dissonance and told her that she had not lied to the court.

Currie-Gamwo said when Thandi and Patrick Maqubela first started dating, she had continued the relationship, despite knowing he was married and had two children. After they broke up, she had a child with a man she was not married to.

When the two reunited and married, her religion had allowed her to divorce him because he had been adulterous, yet she had not considered it an option.

The prosecutor questioned how sincere Maqubela's religious beliefs were.

Source : Sapa

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