Mark Pilgrim shares his music choices for kids

By Drum Digital
27 April 2014

Experts agree on the importance of music for your child. But you don’t have to stick to the Beethoven for Baby playlist. What could be more fun than dancing around to beats you both enjoy? Mark Pilgrim shares his favourites.

Being a DJ, what music do you play for your girls [Tayla-Jean (4) and Alyssa (1)]?

I have a carpet in my home office which has become the dance floor and especially my one-year-old asks me to put on music so she can dance. Because she has no clue about music at her age, I get a little self-indulgent and play her lots of ’80s dance music!

What is your top 10 for children’s music?

It sounds like a cop-out, but when we play music for the girls there are no favourites. The iPod has about 4 000 songs on it (pretty much every radio hit since 1982) and it goes on random play. At one stage my four-year-old got hooked on Travis (Why Does it Always Rain on Me?), but after two weeks of playing it in the car she got tired of it.

How important is music to you and your daughters?

My girls are brought up in a house where music is always playing. Either the same five videos they always play on DStv’s VH1 Classic or something playing through my office speakers. Music is important because it encourages dancing.

Do they share the same taste in music?

They don’t have defined tastes yet, but they like anything with a beat. My older daughter likes a catchy line.

Would you want them to go into the music industry when they grow up?

I wouldn’t stop them but also wouldn’t encourage it. It’s a very cut-throat industry where you don’t always know where your next pay cheque is coming from.

-Gilda van Schalkwyk

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