Marriage tips from "vets of the game"

By Drum Digital
24 February 2015

There’s nothing better than talking to a couple that’s been there and done that.

Speaking to Black and Married with Kids online, this married couple shares how they have continued to make it work 27 years in.

  1. They continue to read marriage books, attend marriage workshops, and watch instructional sessions on marriage.

  1. They have learned to keep arguing to a minimum. Instead they talk, discuss, listen, agree and disagree from a place of love.

  1. In the early years, they had a couple that personally mentored them. Today they watch strong couples. They observe the healthy practices of couples they consider wise.

  1. They put what they learn into action and continue to be doers of the good stuff they learn.

  1. They believe and have faith for a strong, thriving, healthy, fun marriage.

“Just like us, over the years you will change and so will your mate. Continue to grow and change together. Don’t grow apart, but grow closer. There are many things we do to help keep our marriage going and growing. I hope you find something in these five lessons that you can apply to your married life and make it your own,” they conclude.

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