Marry for money, my girl 2/3

By Drum Digital
08 November 2013

Finding love and riches seems to be not as easy for Naledi.

He had such gentle eyes, such gentle hands. And this was all thanks to Mrs Zeeventer and her lucky ticket. Naledi decided that when Mrs Zeeventer came for her weekly shampoo next Wednesday she’d give her an extra 10 minutes of head massage. The dear old lady deserved it.

After another glass of wine Naledi asked, “Where’s the ladies’, Lukas?”  That’s what the customers at Redz called the toilet.

“Down the passage, second door on the right,” he told her.

Naledi walked along the thick, soft, wall-to-wall carpet. The house was even more luxurious than she’d imagined. But there in the passage hung several photographs of a very beautiful young woman.

Naledi felt her heart shudder. Who was she? Could it possibly be Lukas’ wife? Maybe the wife was away on a trip somewhere so Lukas had the house to himself. And he was using this freedom to play around a bit. The thought was too terrible. It would be the end of all her dreams.

I’m going to ask him straight out, Naledi thought. I have to know for sure. But when she walked back to the verandah she could hear Lukas speaking on his cellphone. He stood with his back to her, staring out at the sea. So Naledi stood behind the velvet curtains, listening. “Of course,” Lukas was saying. “You know you can count on me. I’ll be there to pick you up. Tomorrow at 9.30 am at the airport. Right. I’ll see you then.”

As soon as he’d finished his call, Naledi walked back out onto the verandah.

“That woman in the photos, who is she?” she asked. “She’s really beautiful.” She watched his face closely while he answered.

“Oh, her! That’s my sister Angela. She comes to stay with me sometimes. She’s a model, you know.”

He’s lying, I’m sure he’s lying, Naledi thought. But then Lukas took her in his arms and gently kissed her. His lips were as soft as the sea breeze.

Surely he wouldn’t be able to kiss me like this if he was married, Naledi thought. Surely not! That Angela must be his sister.

Below them on the rocks the tide rushed in and then pulled back, rushed in again and withdrew again, leaving clumps of foam behind. Naledi felt as if the same was happening inside her head.

She couldn’t sleep that night. But by morning she’d made up her mind – she was going to find out about Lukas for sure, one way or the other! She phoned her employer at Redz and said she was feeling very ill and wouldn’t be able to come to work. And this was true. Naledi’s stomach was a twist of knots and her head ached.

But she was determined she would be at the airport at 9.30 am, just to see exactly who Lukas was picking up. She borrowed the taxi fare from her sister. “You pay me back, you hear? I want the money back by Saturday or you die,” her sister said.

By 9.15 am she was at the airport, standing in the arrivals hall. And there was Lukas, looking even more handsome in daylight, reading a newspaper. Naledi  could still feel the touch of his lips on hers.

She hid behind a magazine rack so that he wouldn’t see her and waited, holding her breath as if her life depended on the next quarter of an hour. Who would Lukas be picking up this morning?

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