Marvin Gaye’s family sues Robin Thicke

By Drum Digital
01 November 2013

Marvin Gaye's family is suing Robin Thicke as well EMI for his song “Blurred Lines.”

The family claims that Thicke stole the song from Gaye's “Got To Give It Up” as well as committing copyright infringement on Gaye's “After the Dance” to create his song, “Love After War”.

The suit is in a response to Thicke filing a lawsuit against the Gaye family in August claiming that 'Blurred Lines' wasn't stolen from Gaye's hit track.

Nona Gaye and Frankie Christian Gaye, who filed the documents, argue that Robin has said in interviews that “Blurred Lines” was heavily influenced by Gaye's music.

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