Mastering the art of the work/life balance

By Drum Digital
12 November 2014

More and more people are struggling with burn-out in the workplace and a lot of stress in their lives overall.

Simangele Mphahlele isa life coach based in Midrand. Read her advice on how to manage your financial responsibilities towards your family in this week’s Drum (20 November)

More and more people are struggling with burn-out in the work place and a lot of stress in their lives overall.

One of the biggest myths around what work life balance is that it is synonymous with family support.Work–life balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between "work" (career and ambition) and “lifestyle” (Health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development/meditation).

Only you can decide what balance means to you and what it should look like. We have a limited amount of mental, physical and emotional resources and our allocation of them should correlate with our personal and professional goals.

There are lot of tools out there to support you with achieving your balance.

Here are some basic tips to support you with your work life balance journey:

  • Set boundaries and avoid overbooking yourself
  • When setting expectations always make sure you give yourself enough time to deliver
  • Prioritize your activities daily and schedule one thing you really enjoy in your day
  • Build “down” time in your schedule to allow you to re-charge
  • Make time to get moving: find physical activity your enjoy e.g. running, yoga, gym, tennis or any exercise that supports and helps you get an energy boost to be more alert
  • Ask for support from your colleagues or your family when you need it
  • Evaluate how you spending your time regularly to help you be more aware of your activities and if need be change things.

Remember you don’t have to make drastic changes that will overwhelm you. Start small and build up. The real goal is that these activities are in line with your overall life vision and that you do activities that bring you enjoyment.

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