Matric preparation starts at Grade one say experts

By Drum Digital
05 January 2015

Education experts see no point in predicting and celebrating matric results.

They argue that the foundation is flawed and say that it will take a lot for South Africa to get the best matric results. They say the work starts from the first year of schooling.

Dr Elbie Henning, an educational expert at the University of Johannesburg refuses to speak about her predictions for the matric results saying there is no point talking about matric results when learners fail because they failed right at the outset when they were starting to learn.

She says some institutions lamented the 2014 matric pass rate – Umalusi (the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education Training) and the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) in the Eastern Cape said the matric pass rate dropped from the previous year. Furthermore, she adds that  matric results were like a rushed RDP house.

“Kids at school learn to do operations with numbers and they learn to manipulate mathematics symbols and notation and it works for a while. It really is like the foundation of a house. You have to dig deep and systematically to get the trench right. You have to mix the ingredients of the concrete in a very measured way and then you lay the foundation. You water it – keep it damp like my father the bricklayer always told us.

“Then only when it has settled do you mix the new brew that holds bricks together. You start laying the bricks systematically – all the while checking for alignment, using the level, checking for fit and using the trowel skillfully. You never rush to build a wall because it certainly will not last. There will be cracks and in a storm you may lose it. Sorry to say, there are many rushed RDP houses that attest to this,” she says. “I wrote about this issue last year and my arguments have not changed,” she concludes.

By Thembisile Makgalemele

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