Maya’s troubled marriage

By Drum Digital
10 June 2014

Before Maya Angelou became one of the most influential black voices in the world, she was unhappily married to a South African activist.

To the world she was an award winning author and civil rights campaigner, a dancer, poet, author, and professor but to us South Africans she was merely ‘makoti wa ko gae’ (Our daughter-in-law).

While much is known about Maya Angelou’s literary works, not many know that the 86-year-old, who died at her home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in America recently, was briefly married to a South African political activist.

The first day she met Vusumzi Make, whom I once had a chance of meeting, he made her weak at the knees and she believed he would love and protect her better than her first husband, Greek sailor Enistasious “Tosh” Angelos. So an infatuated Maya married Vusumzi in Ghana and moved to Cairo, Egypt, where Vusumzi was a PAC representative.

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