Mbalula's press conference: Ten key points

By Drum Digital
03 June 2015

The 10 key points from the Fikile Mbalula press conference on the bribery scandal engulfing South Africa.

While Mbalula again denied that any bribes were paid to secure the hosting of the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa.

The 10 key points his press conference:

1. "The SA government and LOC has not bribed anyone to secure the rights to host SWC" Mbalula again categorically denied that any bribe was paid to secure the hosting of the 2010 SWC in South Africa and also labelled all communication above board between SAFA and FIFA.

2. Mbalula on tracing the $10 million payment. Mbalula said: "I've gone through SA government bank accounts to see if any of this money was paid from our coffers." Mbalula also confirmed that he has spoken to Thabo Mbeki, Danny Jordaan, Molefi Oliphant and Irvin Khoza. "The LOC was disbanded. It has served its purpose." said Mbalula when quizzed why no LOC members were present on Wednesday.

3. "We allocated the resources and haven't received a breakdown. Money was given unconditionally." DG Alec Moemi on how the money was used by the Diaspora Legacy Programme. The goverment is undecided how best to follow up on how the money was used by CONCACAF.

4. Moemi response to a question whether SA would still have won the right to host the 2010 SWC without the $10 million payment to CONCACAF. He said: "We would have won the World Cup bid without us giving money to the Caribbean. We only got 2 votes from CONCACAF."

5. "When we are organising the Soccer World Cup we are not dealing with gangsters, we are dealing with people. We are not sniffer dogs" Mbalula distancing South Africa from any underground behaviour during the organising of the 2010 SWC.

6. After admitting his shock at Sepp Blatter's resignation, Mbalula said: "Blatter has been a good friend of South Africa. We will not lie about that."

7. "We fight corruption and we want clean sport. You must never doubt us in terms of cleaning football." Mbalula on South Africa's role in fighting corruption in sport. Mbalula also vowed to answer any FBI question, no matter the time of the call. Mbalulal also said: "We waiting for the US authorities to share the evidence they have, that has negatively affected our international reputation"

8.  "I report to the President so this is "the President speaking"" Mbalula confirms that he is in consultation with the country's president, Jacob Zuma, on the matter

9. "It was the decision of the South African government and Safa. The main actor in the play? Molefi Oliphant." Mbalula pointing out exactly who's decision it was to create the Diaspora Legacy Programme.

10. "This will sound patronising, but I must say don't attack your own country. Just state facts." Mbalula offering advice to South African journalists

Source: Sport24

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