Mbeki walks to avoid traffic jam

By Drum Digital
30 November 2013

Fromer president Thabo Mbeki abandoned his motorcade during a traffic jam in central Johannesburg and walked to his destination, the Saturday Star reported.

Mbeki, his wife, and their bodyguards walked several streets on Friday to get to City Hall where Mbeki was due to give a keynote address at a memorial service for ANC stalwart Reggie September.

According to the newspaper, bystanders and motorists shouted and clapped when they saw Mbeki walking on the street. Mbeki smiled and waved.

Pictures of the traffic chaos and Mbeki on foot were published on the front page of the newspaper.

Bystander Elisha Premhodge said: "I waved back and smiled at him. It was so nice that he didn't just walk past and ignore us. He looked happy to be in the city".

The publication reported that traffic jams in the city had increased this week because of clogged stormwater drains which caused roads to flood.


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