Meal Ticket 3-4/5

By Drum Digital
17 July 2014

“How old is he?” Pinky asked. “Does that even matter?” Lerato asked jokingly. “He’s probably in his mid- to lateforties, I don’t care. All I know is he could be the meal ticket I’ve been waiting for. I’m tired of paying my way through varsity.” Pinky knew how much Lerato hated the

fact that she had to work to support herself. Day and night, she listened to her talk about her big dreams and how one day she would leave the world of poverty – no matter what she had to do. Even though she understood where Lerato was coming from, she still didn’t approve.

Pinky was beginning to get disgusted with the conversation and it was showing on her face. Lerato pleaded: “I know you don’t like the whole idea, but just be a little supportive. Oh, and talking about support – can you give me a ride to The Beef Club tomorrow? I’m meeting him there for supper, and then . . . well, who knows?” “I don’t approve at all, Lerato. If this David is such a cultured gentleman, why doesn’t he come and pick you up himself?” Pinky asked angrily.

“He said he has a late meeting with a client in the afternoon, which might go on for a couple of hours, and so he’ll only have just enough time to get to The Beef Club. Besides, it’s not that far for you, is it chomee? And he’ll bring me home too. “Oh, Pinky, it’s going to be so nice eating in a swish place like The Beef Club, with other people waiting on tables – not poor old Lerato, for once in my life! Please! Please! Please!” Lerato begged.

“Okay, okay,” said Pinky. “I give in, but only because there’s a French movie I want to see which is showing in the same complex. So I may as well go in that direction anyway. Listening to you talk like this about using a man as a meal ticket – it gives me the creeps. “And what kind of ticket will you be for him, I wonder? Goodnight – I don’t want to hear any more about any of this.” And Pinky covered herself with the bedclothes.

The following evening, Pinky came home and found Lerato all made up and ready to go. She didn’t say anything to her and they left for the restaurant. But even though she could see Pinky wasn’t in the mood to have a discussion about her new love interest, Lerato continued to talk about how she couldn’t stop thinking about David and the lovely life she was surely going  to have with him.

To be continued...

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