Meal Ticket 5/5

By Drum Digital
18 July 2014

Pinky kept quiet, concentrating on the road. When they arrived at their destination she pulled in and parked her car. “There’s his Audi – over there! He said it’s a rental because he’s just in town for a couple of days!”

Lerato couldn’t stop talking. “Oh? Where’s he from?” Pinky

asked suddenly. “I don’t know, but he spoke Setswana with a funny accent, just like yours. Come on – I’d like you to meet him. Please, chomee yam! Just say hi, then you can go. Just a little bit of moral support, that’s all I ask!” eventually Pinky reluctantly agreed.

As they were walking to The Beef Club, she noticed a man who looked like her father – and as they came closer she saw it was indeed him.

“Good heavens – that’s my dad over there!” said Pinky. “I’m going to give him a piece of my mind for not letting me know he was in town!”

Pinky left Lerato behind and ran to meet her father. Lerato let her go and concentrated on her phone, busily trying to get hold of David but finding that his phone was on voicemail.

Lerato looked up and saw Pinky a few metres away, talking animatedly to her dad, who had his back turned to Lerato. As she walked up to them, Lerato heard Pinky say, “And now Dad, at long last, you get to meet my nearest and dearest friend!” Her dad turned and looked at Lerato.

She looked back at him. Pinky looked at Lerato, then back to her father. Her mouth set in a grim line as she took a step away from him. “On the other hand, perhaps introductions are unnecessary at this stage, Dad – or should I call you David?”

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