Meet Generations new 'bad guy'

By Drum Digital
02 December 2014

He is most well known for his role as Tsetse from Yizo Yizo season three, he has also acted in Isidingo and Zone 14. Now he back on our screens as gangster, Gaddaffi Phakade in the Generations the legacy. DRUM caught up with the actor to know about his character, his likes and what he finds sexy...

So how do you feel about being on Generations the legacy?

Its an exciting challenge that has a lot of pressure aligned to it. Generations is a brand that is familiar to so many people so coming in as the new characters is daunting because we don't want to mess up the legacy. That said, I feel people will love what we have to offer.

Are you ready for all the attention that comes with being on this humongous show?

It hasn't yet fully sunk in that I am here. It has been a busy two months preparing and acting so its only when I go out to things like a press junket or I see my name on the banners at SABC that I realize that, 'I'm now out there' more than I was before. Its slowly trickling in that my name and face will be now more recognizable.

Gaddaffi has shown in the first episode that he is out for a fight with Tau. What was one of the story lines that you have done that viewers should definitely watch out for?

There is a story line where Cosmo is trying to cover my tracks. That is a very honest and vulnerable story line. I loved acting it with Ronnie who plays Cosmo. There are some nice things to see with that story.

Complete the following...

Sexy is... Being comfortable in your own skin.

Generations the legacy is... Going to be great.

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