Meet Noluva Ntapu and her alter ego Patricia on Generations

By Drum Digital
05 May 2011

TO PUT it simply Patricia is impossible. She's proved herself to be a problem for everyone on Generations: Sarah, Wilfred, Khethiwe and whoever else happens to get in her way. But for legions of Generations fans she's also something of a crowd-pleaser and we can't get enough of her gossip, mistakes and bad advice.

The woman who plays her, Noluva Ntapu (46), believes the power of her character is all in the script and she has to use all her years in television and on stage to pull it off. We caught up with her.What's it like being on generations after being on a popular soap like rhythm city?

Incredible! It's my first major TV role. It's not like anything I've done before. I had a small role on Rhythm City in which I played Stoan's neighbour. Before that I had parts on Soul City and 7de Laan, all of which were cameo appearances.

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