Meet the face behind Diary of a Zulu girl

By Drum Digital
22 July 2013

Mike Maphoto is making waves across the world with his intriguing blog called Diary of a Zulu girl

Thousands of girls (and  boys) across the country find themselves  gripped by the fictional tale of Thandeka Mkhize’s escapades in her first year of varsity in the City of Gold. Since the birth of Diary of a Zulu Girl a couple of months ago, the blog has become very popular.

What started out as a joke among a few friends has now become a place of refuge for those who need to share their stories. “I have a friend who likes to name-drop and brag about everything, so I decided to start a blog to see if he would claim to know the fictitious Thandeka,” writer Mike Maphoto

explains. “And it worked.”

In fact, it worked in more ways than one. “One of my friends then decided to post the blog’s link to Facebook, and from then on I  decided to keep writing.”

When Mike saw the kind of attention his blog garnered, he began writing a chapter a day and now there are 73 chapters. The blog has over 31 000 likes on Facebook, 192 000 readers, 10 million views and is read by people in 23 countries.

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