Meet Toya Delazy's all-female rap crew

By Drum Digital
03 March 2016

Multiple award winning, BET Award nominee, Toya Delazy, has given birth to SA’s first all-female rap crew, now known as the Klutch Kollective.

By Khosi Biyela

Toya Delazy joined forces with three of her University of Durban alumni who now form part of the four members Klutch Kollective crew.

The group which comprises, Toya, DK, Fiah and Genius has just released their debut single, Back To The Roots. The single is now available on free downloads for the next 48 hours only. The song is about taking hip hop back to its roots, to something more conscious.

“It’s a humbling experience to finally see Klutch Kollective come into fruition. I believe SA desperately needs a conscious hip hop movement and I’m certain the collective voices of women will be able to achieve this” expresses Toya Delazy.

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