Mfundi speaks on relationship with axed actors

By Drum Digital
02 October 2014

"That relationship is irrevocably damaged and toxic."

During an interview on Expresso, Generations creator Mfundi Vundla said: “Viewers can tune out and go somewhere else. Which is what pains me about what’s going on right now. Our viewers have been put under a lot of stress.”  He added, “I wish to apologise to the South African people and apologise to the Generations audience.”

Mfundi has assured viewers they will recognise elements of the present Generations, “But we are taking a new direction which makes us excited and we hope they’ll be as excited as we are in the new direction we are taking.”

On his relationship with the 16 actors: “That relationship is irrevocably damaged and toxic. But I’m certain that with time in the long run, some of the individuals in the 16 I foresee as reconciliation with some of them, not all of them. But with some I see a reconciliation and probably even working together. That door is still open.”

The new-look Generations will be dominated by 20 to 24-year-olds, and actors who are in their early 30s. “Our stories will be entertaining. There’s light entertainment elements and there’s also dark elements in the new show.”

DRUM can't wait to see what the creative mastermind has in store!


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