Mgqumeni imposter digging his own grave

By Drum Digital
10 February 2012

They’ve come in their thousands – by taxi, bus, car, and some even walked 50 km – to see the man they believe has risen from the dead.

Fearing for the man’s safety, police from Nquthu, a town 150 km north of Durban, lock him in the back of an iNyala police van as the crowd, which has swelled to 10 000, fight to get a better view.

Cameras and cellphones snap away as evidence of what they believe may be a living miracle.

The focus of the crowd’s attention is a man who claims to be popular maskandi musician Khulekani Khumalo Mseleku, aka Mgqumeni, who died in 2009.

They call out to him to reveal himself, but the police fear they’ll have a riot on their hands and disperse the crowd with a water cannon.

When the crowd has finally calmed down, the police let the man out and allow him to climb on top of the roof of the iNyala.

Dressed in black Levi jeans, a beanie and a floral shirt, he raises his hands and the crowd goes quiet.

The police give him a megaphone to address the crowd. “People believe that I died – but I didn’t die. I am Mgqumeni and I’m alive,” he says to stunned silence.

“Whether you believe me or not, that is your problem. Some of you will have doubts because I have changed a bit, but I am who I say I am.”


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