Micasa reveals they almost split up a few months ago

By Qhama Dayile
22 June 2017

The trio is back with a new album

Award-winning band Mi Casa is back with a brand new album titled Familia.  “This album is all about our journey as brothers, as a band, as a group, as a team, as a movement, as a familia,” says J'Something, the band's vocalist.

The trio says when they started, they were still wet behind the ears and needed to grow. “We were so innocent when we made that first album, just three dudes making beats and creating melodies. We knew nothing about a hit or a cross-over song.”

The Jika hitmakers say all they knew is they wanted to spread good energy around the country with their gift. But all the positivity ran out in the process of making the new album.

“About four months ago we were contemplating pulling the plug on the band. We had some arguments and really just had some issues within the team. This is another reason why we chose the title  Familia,” he says.

Mi Casa’s album Familia is available at selected stores.

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