Miguel says he makes better music than Frank Ocean

By Drum Digital
07 July 2015

Miguel was reported on Monday to have said that he makes better music than Frank Ocean.

The ‘Adore’ hitmaker is said to have disclosed this to UK’s Sunday Times in an interview where the confident crooner compared himself to Frank Ocean, reports Urban.com.

‘I wouldn’t say we were friends,  to be completely honest – and no disrespect to anyone – I genuinely believe that I make better music, all the way around,’ Miguel is reported to have said.

Urban.com further quotes Miguel in making a difference between his and Frank’s music: ‘That’s Frank. Frank is the tortured. That’s his thing. That’s not who I am. I may not be dark – as dark – and I may not be as poetic, but I’m living my real sh*t.’

Miguel then took to Instagram to try clarify him comments:


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