Miners Shot Down - e.tv respond

By Drum Digital
25 November 2015

By Khosi Biyela

The SABC and e.tv have recently come under fire for allegedly refusing to air the documentary, Miners Shot Down, which recently won the award for Best Documentary at the International Emmy Awards.

With a petition of more than 8000 signatures demanding the documentary be shown, the Democratic Alliance has also voiced their concerns about the rejection of the film by the national broadcaster. “The SABC has refused to air it. The unwillingness of SABC to air the documentary raises serious questions about whose interests they are trying to protect.”

The opposition party revealed that they will raise the issue of Miners Shot Down at the next parliamentary session and push for it to be aired.

However, e.tv has revealed in a statement that they had not rejected the film. According to e.tv’s General Manager of Group Communications, Matlapulana Ragoasha “Mr Desai [the producer of the documentary] wanted us to pay him to broadcast it,” she stated.

She further revealed that at the time they felt his price was too high and that they had a documentary, feature stories and reports of their own. “There are no aspects to the Marikana tragedy we have not covered as a news organisation,” she says.

She adds that “The eNCA and the SABC also had a broadcast of the Marikana Commission of Inquiry at our own costs.” She says they have not been asked by the producers to air the documentary since it initial release.

“If Mr Desai would like eNCA and e.tv to broadcast his documentary we will gladly do so for free. His office is welcome to drop off a copy at our studios.”

Matlapulana further stated that they invite Desai to accept their offer of a free broadcast should he feel the film requires further exposure to a South African audience.

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