Minnie has a new bae

By Drum Digital
19 May 2016

Minnie says her new man used to be her friend before they became lovers.

Television personality Minnie Dlamini who recently cameback from a trip to New York has revealed that she has a new bae.

Opening up to Gareth Cliff this morning on CliffCentral Minnie, said that her new man is someone she has known for a while.

"It's someone who's actually been one of my best friends, and we decided to move from being friends to being lovers," she told Gareth about her new man.

Minnie said even though he hasn't been introduced formally to her family, Minnie's man does know her family.

Minnie says when she does introduce him formally she would really love her dad to like him: "If my dad doesn't like him, that's gonna be a big deal for me... My dad's opinion really counts..."

Minnie was dating soccer star Itumeleng Khune a while back and they had a nasty break up.

Source: CliffCentral

Picture: Minnie Dlamini Instagram

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