Miss Universe Japan doesn't look 'Japanese enough'

By Drum Digital
28 March 2015

Stunning Miss Japan, Ariana Myamoto, has been slammed for not being Japanese.

The flawless 20-year-old was born to a Japanese mother and Africa-American father, which according to her haters doesn’t make her a worthy candidate for Miss Japan.

This week social media was abuzz as Japanese posted Twitter comments toward to the pageant star.

Ariana Myamoto,

Tweets ranged from “Is it okay to select a hafu (from half) to represent Japan?” to “Because this is Miss Universe Japan, don’t think hafu are a no-no.”

A very dignified Miyamoto held her own, as any aspiring Miss Universe winner should, when quizzed about the attacks in an interview with the press. She insisted that while she doesn’t “look Japanese’ on the outside, there’s more to being Japanese than her appearance.

The model was born and raised in Nagasaki as a Japanese citizen and speaks the language fluently.

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