‘Mistaken identity’

By Drum Digital
01 November 2013

Award-winning rapper Khuli Chana narrowly escaped death when police opened fire on his vehicle.

THE Sunday was like any other for the hip-hop artist – spending time with his family and then driving to a gig – except this time he was caught in the middle of a police stake-out for a kidnapper that was like something straight out of a movie.

Fortunately singer Khuli Chana survived the hail of bullets with only minor injuries when he found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time – in the middle of the police sting operation.

But it could have gone horribly wrong if police “warning shots”, inexplicably fired directly at his car, found their mark when his BMW was mistaken for that of a kidnapper’s.

He’s recovering from his bullet wounds, but his emotional scars will take longer to heal.

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