Mistakes made in first year of marriage

By Drum Digital
16 January 2015

Here are some tips on what mistakes to avoid making in your first year of marriage.

Being married is a beautiful feeling, knowing you have a life partner to go through life’s triumphs and kinks with.

It can also be tough, especially in the first year while you learn each other.

Here are some tips on what mistakes to avoid making in your first year of marriage:

Not going to counselling anymore

Pre-counselling helped prepare you for marriage, but there are many obstacles (big and small) that counselling will help you though – especially in your first year of marriage. Don’t bunk!

Being friends with your exes

Why do you need them around? All the friendship and reassurance you need should be in your tight circle of friends and family and, most importantly, your spouse. Don’t make room for doubt or old flames.

No longer planning fun times together

This is the key to keeping the excitement of your relationship alive. Never stop this.

Not going on dates

Pretty much like the point above, keeping the excitement in your relationship is essential. Never stop dating your partner, married or not.

Panicking when things go “wrong”

You will fight. You will annoy each other. It isn’t the end of your marriage. It is marriage. As long as it isn’t unhealthy, the odd disagreement that is resolved in the end is nothing to be too concerned with.

Having all your loved ones in your business

They love you, sure. But they’re not always going to be objective and – like Sway – they don’t have the answers. Seek professional help and count on each other.

Not having alone time

You’re obsessed with each other, that’s great. But don’t stop being the person he/she fell in love with. A sense of self is key to your entire appeal, don’t lose it. Not even for your spouse.

Not setting goals, shot and long-term

A marriage without direction is set to fail. They needn’t be so rigid they oppress you, but they should give you both milestones to work towards. Build each other into focused individuals and your marriage will be all the better for it.

Not making time for sex and intimacy

Because nothing beats that physical and spiritual connection.

Not having married friends

Your single friends mean well, but they really have no idea what you’re going through. Don’t do away with them, but surround yourself with people whose lives are on your plane. You’ll learn more about your own marriage and create meaningful bonds.

Not fighting

Hash it out and move forward, bottling feelings up has never done any relationship good.

Thinking it’s okay to slack

You can’t work to have something and then get comfortable the minute you do. Working on your relationship is a life-long commitment. Don’t drop the ball.


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