Mizchif's family needs help to get to his funeral

By Drum Digital
09 September 2014

Mizchif’s wife, Joanne and his 14-year-old son Jordan are in desperate need of financial assistance.

Iconic rapper, Mizchif, collapsed on a bus on his way to Zimbabwe on Wednesday. After battling a long illness Mizchif died on Thursday morning at the age of 38.

His final tweet in mid August was loaded with promise as he noted that he was “still a legend”, the title of his upcoming album.

eNCA spoke to Mizchif's family friend, Melanie Carr.  She confirmed that his funeral will be held in Zimbabwe on Monday.

Melanie said Mizchif’s wife, Joanne and his 14-year-old son Jordan would be travelling to Zimbabwe to attend the funeral, but are in desperate need of financial assistance.

She expressed how imperative it was for Jordan to find closure in his relationship with his father, which had been distant for the past five years.

“There is so much void in the child’s life because he has never been able to have a solid relationship with his dad. He needs closure. The last time he saw his dad was last year when he (Mizchif) was hospitalised,” said Melanie.

Mizchif's lengthy battle with ill health and poor finances put great pressure on himself and his family.

Melanie has appealed to the public for donations so that Mizchif’s wife and son can pay their final respects.

“Mizchif was sick for a while and he didn’t want his son to see him like that, so he healed in seclusion, but he was better now.”

Mizchif and his wife were married for eight years, but separated five years ago. The rapper hoped they would reconcile when he told the Herald that once his new album was completed he would be heading home to rekindle relations with his family.

He had dedicated a song to them in his upcoming album.

Melanie is putting together a scrapbook for Jordan so he can see how his father moved South Africans. A number of hip hop artists who knew Mizchif are also putting together a tribute song in his memory.

Mizchif was set to perform and judge the South African leg of  the “End of the Weak” emcee/rap battle  in Newtown, Johannebsurg.

Donations can be made directly to Mizchif's wife.

The banking details are:

Capitec Bank

Account holder: JF Battista

Accounct number: 1259581754

Branch code: 470010

Branch: Vangate Mall

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