Mnqobi Duma - “Zahara didn’t steal my song”

By Drum Digital
01 September 2016

“Zahara has enough money, she doesn’t need to steal a song to make money, “says popular song writer and Generations: The Legacy actor, Mnqobi Duma.

This comes after much news was made about his song Umsindo released in 2014 sounding very similar to Zahara’s song Imali which was released in 2015.

Instead Mnqobi says the song was a ‘muse’ for her

“The riff and progression are not the same but both songs are based on the same premise: money and what people do in the name of money,” he says. “I performed my song in front of Zahara at an event; it was way before Imali was released.”

The issue took off on social media, with Mnqobi having to answer to his followers about the two songs. One of them said the concept was too similar and he should sue her.

Instead Mnqobi says if he came face-to-face with Zahara he would probably thank her for putting the ‘money’ message across.

“I’m not worried about the circumstances around Imali and if Umsindo was an inspiration for Imali.  I’m happy people got the message,” he says.

Mnqobi tells Drum about his love life and flourishing acting career, playing the role of Fana, Jack Mabaso’s son on Generations: The Legacy. He also tells us about getting acting advice from Vusi Kunene.

Read more about Mnqobi in Drum on shelves this Friday, 8 September issue.

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