Modimolle accused 'threatened'

By Drum Digital
29 April 2013

A co-accused of so-called "Modimolle monster" Johan Kotze was forced into attacking Kotze's ex-wife Ina Bonnette, the High Court in Pretoria heard on Monday.

"If we weren't threatened we wouldn't have done it," Andries Sithole said.

"[Kotze's] body was like a giant... He was aggressive."

He said Kotze pointed a revolver at him and his co-accused before Bonnette arrived at his house.

Dressed in a blue overall and a green shirt, he recounted the events of January 3, 2012 when Bonnette was attacked in Kotze's rented Modimolle home.

Kotze is accused of mutilating and orchestrating the gang-rape of his then wife and murdering his stepson Conrad, 19. At the time Bonnette was still married to Kotze, but lived in her own flat.

Kotze's co-accused, Sithole, Pieta Mohlane, and Frans Mphaka are accused of kidnapping, assaulting, repeatedly raping, and attempting to murder Bonnette that day.

Sithole told the court how, on January 3, they worked outside Kotze's house until he called the three of them inside around 2.45pm. They were told Bonnette was on her way and to wait in a room.

During cross-examination Piet Greyling, for Kotze, asked Sithole why they did not run away while Kotze was speaking to Bonnette outside. Sithole said all the doors but one were locked, and Kotze had ordered them to stay in the room.

"There was no way we could flee at that time."

He said before Bonnette arrived Kotze told them: "My wife does not get enough from me and I want you three to sleep with her."

Kotze told them to pull panty hose over their heads, but they objected.

"A kaffir does what I want him to do," Kotze allegedly told them.

"He threatened us with a gun," Sithole said.

He testified how Kotze covered Bonnette's head with a towel and ordered them to help tie her to the bed. Sithole said they did what Kotze instructed as he had threatened them.

"We didn't know what to do."

Kotze told Bonnette: "Bokkie don't be angry, these men won't kill you."

Sithole explained how Kotze pulled tape over Bonnette's head and mouth. Kotze pulled down her pants and told him to pull down his pants and prepare himself for raping Bonnette.

"I didn't know... I was shocked... I was scared. My knees were shaking against the bed. She must have seen how scared I was."

He testified he could not get an erection and Kotze told him to hold his penis. Kotze lifted Bonnette's blouse and told Sithole to touch her breasts to get an erection.

"Then I told him I can't... I constantly told him I can't do it."

He explained how he then faked having sex with her.

"I moved up and down as if I was penetrating her but it did not happen," Sithole said.

"He told me to climb off. [And told me that] I'm hopeless."

Sithole said Kotze ordered Mohlane and Mphaka to rape Bonnette, but they could not and also faked it. Kotze said they were useless and told them to leave the room.

Bonnette attended Monday's proceedings but briefly left during Sithole's testimony.

The trial continues on Tuesday.


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