'Modimolle monster' did not see rape

By Drum Digital
17 April 2013

So-called "Modimolle Monster" Johan Kotze told the High Court in Pretoria on Wednesday he did not see his three co-accused rape his ex-wife Ina Bonnette.

Lawyer Jan van Rooyen, for accused number two Andries Sithole, asked Kotze if he saw Sithole, Pieta Mohlane and Frans Mphaka rape Bonnette on January 3, 2012.

"It is what I experienced. I did not see it at all," Kotze said.

Van Rooyen asked if Kotze saw any of his co-accused penetrate Bonnette either with an object or a penis.

"I did not see anything," he replied.

Both Bonnette and Kotze's daughter, Jo-Marie Kotze, were in court on Wednesday.

Van Rooyen asked whether any of the men had asked or demanded anything from him or Bonnette.

"No. They only asked for food," he said, adding he could not comment on Bonnette's behalf.

Kotze denied telling Bonnette she would know what it felt like to have three black men rape her.

He denied ordering the three to masturbate to get erections, and denied telling Sithole to climb on top of Bonnette and later telling him: "It's enough, get off."

"No, Your Honour, it's not true," he told the court.

Kotze is accused of orchestrating the gang rape of Bonnette, and of murdering her son Conrad, 19, in his rented house in Modimolle on January 3.

Sithole, Mohlane, and Mphaka are accused of kidnapping, assaulting, repeatedly raping, and attempting to murder Bonnette that day.

Kotze tearfully told the court on Tuesday he had not intended to hurt his ex-wife.

Bonnette previously testified Kotze tortured her with various objects before instructing the other three men to rape her. She told the court she listened to her son pleading for his life before he was shot in the head and heart.


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