Moisturize like a pro

By Drum Digital
10 December 2013

The key to great hair is moisture.

We all know that good hair is moisturized hair. But many of us still struggle keep our hair moisturized. According to hair experts, these are the three  common mistakes we make when trying to moisturise our hair.

1. Moisturizing dirty hair : Moisturizing your hair means applying water based product that will penetrate into the inner layer of scalp. If you have too much hair product building up on your scalp then no moisturizing product will be able to reach the inner layer of your scalp. Wash your hair at least one every two weeks to avoid the build-up of products.

2. Using butters, oils and styling products as moisturizers : Oils and butters are not moisturizers. They are sealants used to lock the moisture in once you’ve moisturized them.  If your hair is dry and you use butter or oil, you’re just weighing down your dry hair. Conditioning hair spray is a great daily moisturizer as they contain water.

3. Focusing on roots and forgetting about the ends: Yes, good hair starts at the roots. But your ends are important too. They are the driest parts of your hair and are more prone to breakage.  Make sure you moisturize from root to tip.

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