Money saving tips for new parents

By Drum Digital
26 September 2014

These tips are easy to apply and can easily become part of your family's way of life.

These tips are ideal even for people who have had families for a long time.

Find free kids' events

Rather than paying for entertainment, see whether your local library hosts free children's story time or playtime. Also look around your area for community centres that might also offer free fun for your little one/s.

Buy inexpensive toys

Look for bloggers online who are interested in saving money and preserving energy, who have pre-used toys and other goods to sell at affordable prices.

Print online coupons

While Mzansi hasn’t become really big on coupons, there are some sites which offer good deals on everything from household products to trips away. Check these often and save money by making big buys from there.

Take advantage of promotions and giveaways

Similarly, always be on the lookout for specials at your favourite stores and plan your bulk buying for those periods. It isn’t always easy to tell when the next sale will come but they are known to generally be seasonal.

Make your own baby food

Puree baby’s food, freeze it in a baby food tray and warm up a cube whenever it’s mealtime. This not only saves money, it is also healthier. Go for the old-school method of putting the food bowl over a pot of boiling water instead of microwaving and score extra green points!

Take advantage of warranties

Embrace the warranty, even on small buys like your blow dryer. Keep them in an envelope for as long as they’re valid and you’ll be happy you did so quite a few times.


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