Money values from a ‘loan shark’

By Drum Digital
06 March 2014

Fresh from his role as scary loan shark, Dog in the South African movie, Nothing for Mahala, Warren Masemola shares his top money values.

The Pretoria-born actor portrays a moneylender, who together with his side-kick Diskie (Casper de Vries), set a man’s legs on fire because he didn’t make his payment.

Masemola himself has first-hand experience of loan sharks. As a high school pupil, he borrowed money from a loan shark just so he could buy the latest gear to be in with the cool crowd.

“I come from a community where material stuff is just the thing – it makes you stand out among the rest. You had to be in the latest clothing, it was that kind of vibe. But my mom didn’t have enough money at the time,” he said.

A friend introduced him to someone in the community who could loan him the cash but he would have to pay it back with interest.

“It was the most terrible four weeks of my life,” Masemola said.

Masemola shares his top money values:

  • Don’t allow money to rule you.
  • If you’ve had money trouble in the past, don’t dwell on it. Concentrate on the present. Clear your debt and start saving now.

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