Mongezi's been found

By Drum Digital
21 July 2014

Police and the boy's parents picked the boy up at the shelter.

Mongezi Phike, who was kidnapped during a hijacking in Bronkhorstspruit, was found at a shelter in central Johannesburg.

"The boy was taken to the shelter after he was found wandering in the streets of Johannesburg," said Captain Sarah Mcira.

It was not clear who took him to the shelter.

She said the boy was reunited with his family on Monday morning after they had identified him.

"" Police are still looking for the hijackers.

Mongezi Phike was with his father when their car was hijacked by four men on Tuesday.

The boy and his father were in a car at an intersection in Masada, Bronkhorstspruit, when the men approached the car. Two of them were armed.


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