Morale vs Nonhle Thema

By Drum Digital
01 March 2012

He has a sharp tongue and has no problem lashing out at the establishment or subjects he considers petty, such as “bling” or “hooking up with a shorty” (girl).

That makes Morale one rapper you don’t want to cross, as infamous TV presenter Nonhle Thema learnt the hard way. Nonhle, who is almost more famous for her Twitter rants than her TV work, is now on the verge of a legal battle with Morale after he penned a scathing song about her.

The public tiff between the two has been tabloid fodder for a while, but Morale has taken it one step further with his recent song Hoey Ghost.

In the song Morale portrays Nonhle as a girl who sleeps around with many of her famous male friends, including himself.

The tune sums up his unflattering views of Nonhle, who has dismissed it as nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Nonhle told DRUM in a recent interview (A new Nonhle, 12 January) that the days of her crazy antics – like the nasty Twitter attacks on fellow celebs such as TV presenter Minnie Dlamini – are behind her.

But Morale says the former Channel O presenter is far from a changed woman. In Hoey Ghost he describes Nonhle as a “prostitute” and even compares her to the late Whitney Houston.

“I regret having your dirty mouth around my skin,” is one line from the song. “Who wants to be Bobby when you fallin’ off like Whitney.”

In their Twitter war Morale claims that Nonhle is addicted to alcohol and drugs.

The lyrics make for cringe-worthy listening, but the razor-tongued rapper says Nonhle brought it on herself.

“She’s been saying nasty things about my cousin (rapper) Sean Page,” he explains

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