Moshidi on why she doesn't like fame

By Drum Digital
07 June 2017

It's complicated, this industry- Moshidi

Actress Moshidi Motshegwa hasn't been on TV for a while, and she says that's because as much as she loves the craft of acting she feels like she doesn't fit into the entertainment industry.

"It's complicated, this industry. I don't fit into the scene. I remember I was working on Channel O and Channel O was always having parties. I remember standing there and going, 'You just don't belong here. This is not you. Go home'. I went home and I've been home since," she told Real Talk with Anele host Anele Mdoda.

Moshidi who played a lot of popular roles on TV said her character Naomi on Rhythm City is one that she considers to have been the biggest one so far.

"She will always stalk me. She is bigger than me. She is a lot of people. I have actually had to own her and say 'Ýou are bigger than me. You were an energy that was needed at the time. You spoke to spaces and places in black women's lives,''' she added.

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