Mothusi Magano: A cut above the rest

By Drum Digital
22 May 2015

Scandal!’s Mothusi Magano has played hard-hitting roles in some of our biggest soaps and movies, including the Oscar-winning film Tsotsi.

IN HIS role as the villainous Dustbin Man in’s Scandal!, he will leave no stone unturned to wreak revenge on the family he blames for ruining his life.

But when we meet Mothusi Magano at our DRUM offices for our photoshoot, he’s nothing like the man that many viewers love to hate.

In true gentlemanly fashion, the actor apologises for not shaving his hair for the photoshoot but we quickly assure him he’s fine just the way he is. And as we make our way to Auto Spares in Lyndhurst for the shoot, loyal viewers of the prime-time soapie recognise him and greet him. He seems taken aback by the amount of people showing him love and flashes a huge smile before waving to his fans.

Read more in the 28 May 2015 issue of DRUM!

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