Movie: Our Family Wedding

By Drum Digital
21 July 2010

Rating: 2/5

Comedy. With America Ferrera, Forest Whitaker and Lance Gross. Director: Rick Famuyiwa. PG. Opens 30 July.

What’s it about?

Oh dear! A couple suddenly decides to get married – but forget this means their families are also getting

“married”! They’re not prepared for the chaotic animosity that ensues between relatives...

Who will enjoy it?

Weddings can be woeful experiences, especially when a bunch of people who wouldn’t otherwise spend time in the same room are forced together. If you’ve ever been the one trying to keep the peace between quibbling family members at a wedding you’ll be able to identify. Also if you’ve had to endure those horrible master-of-ceremonies jokes. It’s just the thing to destroy any illusions prospective brides and grooms may have! Go see this if you want to find out just how badly things can go wrong. This comedy is over-the-top and the wit is a bit thin on the ground, but the decent acting earns it a

second star. Not everyone will find it funny though.

Wait for DVD?

Yes. Rent it two days before your wedding – it may ust help you appreciate your new in-laws and their ecentric friends! America Ferrera plays a variation on her Ugly Betty character and it’s probably aimed mainly at fans of that show.

Similar films

Wedding Crashers, White Wedding.

Popcorn facts

- America Ferrera won several awards for her portrayal of a plump girl in her film debut, Real Women Have Curves.

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