Movie Review: 127 Hours

By Drum Digital
09 February 2011

Real-life drama.


Director: Danny Boyle. 13LV. Opens 18 February.

What’s it about?

It’s the true story of Aron Ralston who was trapped for 127 hours in a gorge in the mountains of Utah after a boulder fell on his arm.

Who will enjoy it?

You’ll need hair on your chest and nerves of steel to survive this one! In America, grown men fainted during the film’s most notorious scene – when Ralston cuts off his arm with a blunt knife to free himself. Director Danny Boyle uses every trick in the movie book to keep your attention while you spend more than an hour with this character trapped in a narrow gorge. It never gets boring as Boyle cuts to scenes from Ralston’s past while he tells the story of his desperate attempt to survive. It’s done with energy, insight and commitment.

Wait for DVD?

No, it won’t be the same watching it in the comfort zone of your lounge. Force yourself into a theatre so you can feel Ralston’s claustrophobia and experience with him the things he has to do to survive. James Franco’s performance of a dying man feels authentic. The skilful way the tension is built will have you chewing your nails and the re-creation of the gorge is breathtakingly realistic. Similar films Phone Booth; SA director Jamie Uys’ classic Dirkie.

Popcorn fact

* Ralston openly cried after he saw the film and had to relate the events to the media once more.

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