Movie Review: Eat Pray Love

By Drum Digital
29 September 2010

Rating 3/5

Comedy. With Julia Roberts, Billy Crudup and James Franco. Director: Ryan Murphy. 10ML. Opens 8 October.

What’s it about?

This cheerful biography tells the true story of a woman who, after her marriage collapses, explores Italy and India alone in search of spiritual balance.

Who will enjoy it?

If sentimental melodramas and beautiful people rock your boat, this lovely romantic drama will hit the spot! Women especially may feel this Julia Roberts romance deserves four stars, but the tone is just too sentimental and manipulative. It feels like a two-hour long trip through exotic locations as you watch a series of hunks complicate Ms Roberts’ life. Ideal syrupy entertainment.

Wait for DVD?

Why wait for the DVD when you can go on holiday now with the beautiful Julia and enjoy the sights and sounds of Italy and India in her charming company? It shows that dreams can come true – if your heart is in the right place and your motives are pure, you can find romance and spiritual fulfilment, all in one day! But you have to learn to appreciate love. The tempo is easy, the performances good and the tone fiery and sexy. Good, relaxing entertainment for women.

Similar films

Under the Tuscan Sun, The Back-Up Plan.

Popcorn fact

*Julia Roberts was offered the leads in Basic Instinct and Shakespeare in Love but turned both down.

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