Movie review: Egoli

By Drum Digital
21 June 2010

What’s it about?

Everything in Joe’s life has gone wrong and Niek realises he has reached breaking point. Then Niek remembers a gruesome incident from his time on the Border . . .

Who will enjoy it?

The film version of the M-Net soapie tries to please two audiences: those who followed it on TV and those who don’t know it. In the process the movie falls between the cracks – the soapie elements just don’t gel with the suspenseful story of what happened on the Border. But Egoli junkies will enjoy seeing their favourite characters again, even though most of them don’t play any part in the plot. The acting is good and technically it’s a fine film – but the storytelling is frequently haltered by the soapie elements.

Wait for DVD?

Yes you can, because the film version is actually better suited to the small screen. Leandie du Randt, who plays Joe’s stripper girlfriend, is a real find and her presence improves things considerablably. David Rees is also a gifted actor and Darren Kelkens is convincing as the dangerous Joe. But if you didn’t follow the soapie you may not always know what’s going on.

Popcorn facts

* Leandie du Randt is studying industrial psychology at the University of Johannesburg.

* She’s currently filming another Franz Marx film based on the story of Susanna van Biljon.

* Egoli ran on M-Net for 18 years.

Drama. With DAVID REES, DARREN KELKENS and LEANDIE DU RANDT. Director: Bromley Cawood. 13. Opens 16 June.

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