Movie Review: Just go with it

By Drum Digital
09 March 2011

Rating 1/5


Director: Dennis Dugan. 10ML.

Opens 18 March.

What’s it about?

A nerd meets a beautiful blonde and wants to marry her. He uses his assistant to play a trick on his prospective bride...

Who will enjoy it?

If you love romances in which beautiful people find themselves in tricky situations, along with lots of eye candy and sex, this may be your cup of tea. But this flick shows Hollywood is scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to ideas for romantic comedies. The characters look tired and washed-up and the whole movie needs a good kick in the rear end and a solid dose of adrenaline. It’s all so boring and weak even Jennifer Aniston, who usually sparkles in this type of movie, appears to be sleep-walking as she patiently recites her lines. The only redeeming factor – and the only reason this flick gets a star at all – is Nicole Kidman as the naughty friend who’s secretly jealous of Aniston. It’s certainly fun to see her letting her hair down, but you’ve seen Adam Sandler’s cheeky performance and cool attitude in every single role he has ever played. But the biggest sin is that this comedy simply isn’t funny. It’s more fun going to the dentist for root canal work–which at least isn’t boring.

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Popcorn fact

* This film is a modern remake of the ’60s comedy hit Cactus Flower.

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