Movie review: Little One

By Drum Digital
19 February 2013

Directed by Daniel Roodt, the filmmaker who wrote the award winning film Yesterday, Roodt’s latest movie Little One is another classic South African tale which highlights a harrowing societal issue. Filmed in an informal settlement outside of Johannesburg, the story is based on the tragic true story of the rape of a child.

Six year old girl (Vuyelwa Msimang) is found unconscious in a field by a middle aged woman, Pauline played by Lindiwe Ndlovu. After rushing the little girl to hospital, it is discovered that the girl had been raped multiple times, and beaten to the point where she is unrecognisable. Pauline develops an interest in the girl and conducts her own investigation in order to find out who had violated the little girl.

Leading actress, Lindiwe Ndlovu is known for her comedic roles on shows like Mazinyo Dot Q and Ses’ Top La. But in Little one, she brings the intense emotions of a mother in distress performing brilliantly in her first leading role. The film is ultimately about tragedy and healing and is bound to move you.

There’s nothing particularly new or surprising to it making it quite predictable and a bit of a yawn at times. However, Roodt did a fantastic job of telling a South African story with some great cinematography. This would make a perfect addition to your South African film DVD collection.

Little One will be released nationally at cinemas on the 26th April 2013.

- Nandipha Pantsi

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