Movie Review: Takers

By Drum Digital
20 October 2010

Rating 2/5

Crime drama. With Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen and Matt Dillon.

Director: John Luessenhop.16LV.

Opens 29 October.

What’s it about?

A bunch of arrogant bank robbers manage to pull off yet another heist and get away with it. But then they decide to try to rob millions from an armoured cash-in-transit vehicle...

Who will enjoy it?

People who love seeing bank robbers get nabbed – but only after plenty of daring heists and the exciting chase scenes that follow. This movie is as tough as nails and, like a fist of iron, makes its point with purpose and attitude. It’s interesting to see a sweet-faced Hollywood hero such as Hayden Christensen playing such a macho, evil yet stylish character – it gives another dimension to this movie which, for the rest, is just another episode in a bank robber saga. And it’s time Matt Dillon moves on from playing bombastic tough guys – he’s capable of more than just grumpy grunts as he punches baddies.

Wait for the DVD?

When the TV is full of stories of robberies, you may not want to visit a cinema to see crime in all its glory. This is typical DVD fare for Saturday afternoons – at least when there’s no decent sport on TV. Perhaps if the wives are off to a girls’ session at the mall and the guys are relaxing at home, this cool flick will go down well with a few beers.

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Popcorn facts

* Hayden Christensen made his TV debut at 13.

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