Movie Review: The American

By Drum Digital
24 November 2010

Rating 3/5

Suspense drama. With George Clooney, Irina Bjorklund and Lars Hjelm Director: Anton Corbijn. 16NSV.

Opens 3 December.

What’s it about?

An assassin decides to retire and after his last job escapes to a small Italian village to find himself – but his boss isn’t happy with his decision. Then the hitman meets a beautiful prostitute...

Who will enjoy it?

George Clooney just has to smile and those dimples have dozens of women falling at his feet. This flick provides his female admirers with more than enough eye candy, but men will enjoy this toughas- nails drama just as much. It’s about what goes on in a hitman’s head that makes him able to commit murder in cold blood.

For much of the film “nothing” happens–we just learn about the technical aspects of killing and see Clooney’s character making his special ammunition. The guys will also be tempted to buy a ticket to see the beautiful women who’re not afraid to show off their assets. So,amovie for everyone.

Wait for DVD?

Yes, you can. This underplayed yet suspenseful flick is about an assassin’s fears and nervous condition. It’s as if he’s making love with guns and bullets, for which he seems to care more than for any woman – until he meets the prostitute. It’s an excellent drama but heavy-going.

Similar films

The Green Zone, The Hurt Locker, The Ghost Writer.

Popcorn fact

*The gun George Clooney’s character uses is James Bond’s infamous PPK pistol.

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