Movie Review: The Joneses

By Drum Digital
14 October 2010

Rating 3/5

Drama. With David Duchovny, Demi Moore and Ben Hollingsworth. Director: John Luessenhop. 13LN.

Opens 22 October.

What’s it about?

The ultimate, gym-sculpted family move into a wealthy suburb. They wear all the right clothes and live in a super-cool house. But something’s wrong – aren’t they just too perfect?

Who will enjoy it?

Do you jump in at the deep end of the pool without fear? Then you’re the kind of brave movie chancer who should give this flick a go. It gives capitalism a good kick up the butt and takes great joy revelling in the things materialistic people walk into with their eyes wide open. It warns that money can be a cold, cruel master and that love isn’t always an item bearing a barcode you can scan at the till.

Wait for DVD?

Yes you can. But beware: this tough but enjoyable film is like sushi – an acquired taste and not for everyone. Apart from eye candy in the form of Demi Moore, David Duchovny’s charm and newcomer Ben Hollingsworth’s interesting character, there’s not much for your average movie fan – this is for those who prefer latte to popcorn and believe money is the root of all evil.

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Popcorn facts

* Demi Moore, real name Demetria Gene Guynes, was born in New Mexico.

* She left school at 16 to work as a pin-up girl.

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